Thank you for your interest in Startup Calgary's Volunteer Program. We love to meet passionate, can-do people who support the startup community! With your expertise and passion we can build a world class ecosystem of entrepreneurs supported by the community. After all, volunteerism is in the heart of what makes Calgary an amazing city!

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Communications Volunteer

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Events Volunteer: you enjoy working with people and creating a unique and fun experience. You have a interest in the startup community with a focus on event management and business. Peer2Peer Support: you’re committed to growing the grassroots of the startup community by sharing your knowledge and experience with up and coming founders. Communications Volunteer: you’re committed to amplifying stories in Calgary’s startup community.
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Please review and consent to the terms of our Volunteer Waiver and Non-Disclosure agreement. These terms must be accepted by Calgary Economic Development Ltd (CED) ‘Startup Calgary’ volunteers. Specific terms and conditions are as follows: Compensation: This is a volunteer activity, without compensation or benefits. Volunteer Waiver: In connection with my voluntary involvement in activities undertaken for, and with participation and support of Calgary Economic Development Ltd (CED) ‘Startup Calgary’, a non-profit organization, I hereby agree, for myself, my heirs, assigns, executors, and administrators to release and discharge Calgary Economic Development Ltd., a non-profit, the Corporation and their employees and volunteers from all claims, demands, and actions of injuries sustained to my person and/or property as a result of my involvement in such activities, whether or not resulting from negligence, and I agree to release and hold Calgary Economic Development Ltd., their employees and volunteers harmless from any cause or action, claim or suit arising there from. I hereby attest that my attendance and involvement in such activities is voluntary, that I am participating at my own risk, and that I have read the foregoing terms and conditions of this release.
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All “employees, volunteers, and contractors of Calgary Economic Development Ltd (CED) ‘Startup Calgary’ ” (Staff) are subject to confidentiality and proprietary requirements. All Staff are expected to hold confidential any information relative to a client, or stakeholder, which comes to their attention, which would not be known by the general public. Further, any information about CED that includes, but is not limited to, business practices; products; systems; technology; software; financial information; and privileged communication that comes into a Staff member’s understanding as a result of his/her engagement with CED and is not available to the public is also considered confidential and is to be treated as such by all Staff. As well, any information relative to the personal and/or business activities of any employee / contractor / volunteer of CED such as home phone number, address, marital status, employment status, compensation, legal proceedings, references, etc. is to be treated by all Staff as confidential. I accept the terms of the Confidentiality and Proprietary Information Agreement
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