Insurtech QC Pitch Contest

What is Insurtech QC?

Insurance is a colossal industry about to undergo a major transformation. The Insurtech sector is rapidly emerging from the Fintech industry with innovations that are redefining product design, distribution models and customer experience. 

Insurtech QC offers programming on new business models and technological advances such as: collaborative insurance, robot consulting, telematics, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Insurtech QC Pitch Contest

Are you passionate about digital and innovation? Does your company design marketable digital products or services that are or can be linked by insurance? You started your business for over a year and have sales to your credit? 

Sign up for the V-NEO Insurtech QC pitch contest and have the chance to win the following two prizes in addition to superb visibility: 

Note that conference website is in French, except for the contest page and registration forms (you will need to translate the page in your browser). Contest is open to English speakers, we made sure jury is fully bilingual.

Application deadline is March 19, 2018

Published March 8, 2018