Climate Change Innovation & Technology Framework



The Climate Change Innovation And Technology Framework (CCITF) was developed to achieve the goals of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan through innovation and technology.

The CCITF framework helps guide investments in innovation and technology to support:


The purpose of CCITF funding is to:

  • Ensure coordinated, impactful investments in research, innovation and technology;

  • Accelerate the development of innovative and transformative technologies; and

  • Engage and align stakeholders through partnerships with other governments, industry, not-for-profits and academia.

CCITF supports a variety of programs in these priority sector areas: cleaner oil and gas; methane emissions reduction; low carbon electricity; waste to value-added; green buildings and energy efficiency.

Working Together to Secure a Lower Carbon Future for Alberta

The CCITF is a strategic initiative of the Government of Alberta as part of its Climate Leadership Plan.

Economic Development and Trade (EDT), Emissions Reductions Alberta (ERA) and Alberta Innovates (AI), are working together as delivery agents to administer a suite of programs under the framework.

Emissions Reductions Alberta (ERA) will administer the Scale-up and Large-scale Demonstration program. See below for a program description and how to apply.

EDT will invest in three programs, Alberta Investor Tax CreditCapital Investment Tax Credit and Emerging Clean Technology Partnerships. For more information please follow the links to find out eligibility and how to apply.

Alberta Innovates has developed and will administer five programs to support the CCITF in clean technology research, innovation and commercialization. See below for more information about these programs.

  1. Clean Technology Development (CTD) program
  2. Clean Technology Networks program
  3. Clean Technology Commercialization program
  4. Clean Technology Business Innovation (CTBI) Voucher program
  5. Clean Technology Facilities Support program – Not accepting applications at this time

Alberta Innovates CCITF Programs:

1. Clean Technology Development (CTD) program

This program is intended to facilitate and support the development of novel clean technologies from bench scale to field pilots by:

  • Advancing technologies with potential to broadly benefit Alberta industry or public sector;

  • Funding novel technology projects based on the proponents’ excellence and capacity to deliver, including universities, polytechnics, and colleges, industry consortia and partnerships – partnerships between the post-secondary institutions and industry are preferred;
  • Recruiting and developing highly qualified skilled personnel (HQSP), through the technology development projects, to supply Alberta’s industry with the right skills and competencies in emerging clean technology industries.

For more details about this program and eligibility criteria, download our Clean Technology Development program guide.

To apply:

Download the Clean Technology Development Program Expression of Interest application form

2. Clean Technology Networks Program

The emerging clean technology sector faces challenges – often impactful projects cannot attract direct industry funding because of their early stage of development or other barriers, and more broadly, these sectors do not have the support systems and networks needed to advance these projects and technologies.

Alberta Innovates designed the Clean Technology Networks program to inspire and evolve Alberta’s support systems by providing strategic funds to entities that can provide networks, partnerships or collaboration in the CCITF priority sectors.

The program is intended to create new or support existing clean technology partnerships, and is open to not-for-profit organizations, post-secondary institutions and industry associations.

To request an application form or for specific questions regarding this program and program guide, please contact:

Rollie Dykstra, Vice President, Investments
TEL: (780) 450-5502

3.  Clean Technology Commercialization Program

This unique program is designed to create focused, industry-government partnerships and greenhouse gas reduction projects built on the principles of demand- pull innovation. Resources are allocated where there is a clear existing industry need and opportunity, ensuring a targeted research and innovation investment.

Alberta Innovates develops relationships with industry partners to identify challenges in operations that, if addressed, would give Industry quantifiable reductions of greenhouse gases and a leading competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Alberta Innovates and the industry partners jointly invite Alberta’s Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to leverage their ingenuity and compete for the opportunity to develop a technology-based greenhouse gas reduction solution for this well-defined operational challenge.

For more details about the program and eligibility criteria, please download our Clean Technology Commercialization program guide.

To apply:

The Alberta Innovates/Husky Energy CHOPS Methane Challenge

4.  Clean Technology Business Innovation (CTBI) Voucher Program

Alberta businesses can be improved and use clean technology as a growth strategy; however, a significant barrier to clean technology adoption is in-depth market knowledge and a plan specific to each business with decision-making support.

The Clean Technology Business Innovation (CTBI) Voucher program is designed to encourage and support Alberta’s established Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to pursue growth opportunities in the low carbon economy by:

  • identifying productivity and growth opportunities through holistic business audits and plans that lead to:
    • low carbon technology adoption for industrial efficiency, and/or productivity enhancement; and/or
    • product or service iterations and/or new geographical or vertical market entry into low carbon industries;
  • providing non-dilutive funding to implement plans and connection to other leveraged funding and supports such as the Accelerated Growth Services program delivered by the federal government.

With the help of Alberta Innovates Technology Development Advisors (TDAs), those SMEs which have demonstrated commercial success, a strong management team and a desire to pursue significant growth opportunities in low carbon economy, will determine if this program is right for them.

For more information about this program and eligibility criteria, please download our Clean Technology Business Innovation Voucher program guide.

To request an application form or for specific questions regarding this guide, please contact:

Alistair Hazewinkel, Senior Business Partner, Funding Solutions
TEL: (780) 450-5334

5.  Clean Technology Facilities Support Program – not accepting applications at this time

This program was developed to provide funding to seed new or enhance existing technical facilities to fill technical capacity gaps in the research and innovation system in Alberta in the priority sectors for GHG emission reductions and economic growth.

Facilities receiving funding support in 2018 are:

  • Cleaner Oil Sands Testing Centre
  • National Emission Research & Test Centre
  • Electricity Technology Testing
  • Methane & Biowaste Conversion Test Centre
  • Green Building Technology Test Centre

For additional information on Clean Technology Facilities Support program or how to access these sites please contact:

For Oil Sands, Methane and Waste Conversion, Methane Reduction, and Electricity:
Candice Paton, Director, Recovery Technologies
TEL: (403) 297-7261

For Green Buildings:
Gordon Giles, Program Director, Bio
TEL: (780) 450-5411

6.  Clean Technology Large-Scale Demonstration and Innovative Deployment Program – delivered by Emissions Reduction Alberta

The Clean Technology Large-Scale Demonstration and Innovative Deployment program, to be managed by Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA), is aimed at de-risking large-scale pilot, demonstration and first-of-a-kind deployment projects for technologies that can reduce GHG emissions in Alberta.

These projects should:

  • Be focused on pathways to deliver a lower carbon economy, including: a low carbon electricity system; green products and services; sustainable mobility; cleaner oil and gas development; sustainable waste management; and energy efficiency
  • Have potential to leverage investment from industry and other funding partners
  • Support the scale-up and acceleration of commercialization and adoption of these technologies on a broader scale.

For more information on the Clean Technology Large-Scale Demonstration and Innovative Deployment Program contact:

Mark Summers, Executive Director, Technology and Innovation, ERA
TEL: (780) 498-2544

Published April 9, 2018