Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator: Internship Guide

The Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator Internship is designed to develop and support early-stage entrepreneurs through experiential hands-on learning with an experienced mentor within an established SME, while they continue to build their own business venture.

Mentor Companies will provide meaningful business experience and a rich learning environment, mentoring, and advice to the applicant, while creating a flexible working arrangement.

About the Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator

The Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator (AEI) program is designed to offer support for entrepreneurs, especially recent graduates and those individuals who are unemployed due to the current economic downturn.

Eligibility Requirements

Before applying for the Entrepreneurial Internship, an applicant will have been previously approved for an Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator Stage One Application. Stage One Applications must be completed with a Business Development Advisor (BDA) from the Calgary Innovation Coalition. 

View the program guide for more information.

Published April 20, 2018