From AI to cyber security: Signal processing leaders to meet in Calgary

ICASSP is the world’s largest and most comprehensive technical conference focused on signal processing and its applications.

Published by Carolyn Watson, Meetings + Conventions Calgary on March 1, 2018



Amazon, Apple, and Facebook will be in Calgary among the brightest minds in signal processing during the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP). Hosted at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, the conference takes place April 16-20, 2018. The theme of the event is Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Changing the World and it will feature 50 sessions on technology trends from AI to Cyber Security.

ICASSP is the world’s largest and most comprehensive technical conference focused on signal processing and its applications. “Signal processing methods are powerful enablers of many modern technologies including communications, autonomous systems, and intelligent devices or machines. This conference will showcase the breadth and reach of our discipline,” says Ali H. Sayed, President of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence encompass many areas including advanced communications technologies and smarter homes/devices. The conference introduces new developments in computer vision, speech recognition, speech synthesis and more technologies underlying our digital life. It provides researchers and engineers an engaging forum to exchange ideas, and provides presenters a way to get their work peer-reviewed and published in conference proceedings.

The conference draws a high calibre of speakers including:
- Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research at Facebook and inventor of the convolutional network method which is widely used for image, video and speech recognition.
- Alex Acero, Sr. Director at Apple in charge of speech recognition, speech synthesis, and machine translation for Siri, Apple’s personal assistant for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Carplay, Macintosh, and HomePod.
- Luc Vincent, Vice President of Engineering at Lyft, where he leads the company's Marketplace & Autonomous Platform division.

nd a high calibre of exhibitors including:
- Amazon
- Apple
- Facebook
- Microsoft

“Attendees will learn a lot about the impact machine learning and AI is having on society and
technology.” Says Dr. Monson Hayes, the General Chair of ICASSP about the exceptional
conference program.

Meetings + Conventions Calgary worked with conference organizers to bring the conference to
Calgary, competing against five cities from around the globe to host the event. “The people in
Calgary have been enthusiastic and supportive, and have welcomed us with open arms.” Says
Dr. Hayes of his experience planning the conference in Calgary.

There are still multiple opportunities for local high technology firms to contribute to ICASSP
2018. Further information about these opportunities can be found here: or by sending an email to:

About IEEE ICASSP: The IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal
Processing (ICASSP), an annual flagship conference of IEEE Signal Processing Society, is the
world's largest and most comprehensive technical conference on signal processing and its
applications. ICASSP focuses on signal processing enabling technology for the generation,
transformation, extraction, and interpretation of information. Signal processing uses
mathematical, statistical, computational, heuristic, and/or linguistic representations,
formalisms, modeling techniques and algorithms for generating, transforming, transmitting,
and learning from signals. For 70 years, the Signal Processing Society has been progressing the
study of signal processing through research and education. IEEE Signal Processing Society has
more than 16,000 members through 170 Chapters worldwide.

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