Startup Weekend May/June 2019 Recap

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Anchal Verma from Team Bookie and founder/CEO of Rasa Entertainment said, “this was wildly different than what I was expecting, but in the best way. The networking was incredible. Working the room, learning from others and getting ideas I would never have come up with my own. You would never find a group like this, with this kind of knowledge base, anywhere else.”

Three times a year Startup Calgary hosts Techstars Startup Weekend, a fifty-four hour event between a Friday and Sunday evening to pitch, brainstorm, research, validate and hustle to bring a minimum of ten ideas to life.

Startup weekend kicks off Friday night by welcoming entrepreneurial minds of all ages and experience levels to pitch brand new ideas to the entire group. After that, teams are formed to take the winning ideas from just that, an idea, to something viable that can be pitched to a group of judges on Sunday night.

Team POPFresh

Team POPFresh

Over the course of the weekend, these teams have access to the resources needed to guide their thought trains in correct and efficient directions. Every participant is given the opportunity to extend their skillset beyond their comfort zone and step into any role necessary for their team; whether that be leadership, web development or creative direction.

Team BluePipe:

Team BluePipe:

“Coming from a different country, I got to learn quickly what is going to work in Canada and what isn’t. I experienced so many new perspectives this weekend that I never would have considered before had I not been able to be a part of this,” Ezaz Patel, team Re:Share.

1st place winners, team SnowPal.

1st place winners, team SnowPal.

May 31- June 2 Teams:

  • POPFresh - get the service you want when you want it. Cleaning services at the click of a button. Saturday at 11pm? No problem. Think collision between Uber and skip the dishes. Boom, done.

  • RE:Share is a commercial real estate investment and rental management platform, making it easier and more accessible to the average Joe (not just for the elite anymore!) It will also include a social community for easier communications.

  • WiiCare - smart jewelry that is also a medical device and actually looks good. Falls, illness, emergency required... whatever it is, sensors will alert professionals and family when help is needed. This tech will bring peace of mind.

  • Bookie  - an online platform to view event spaces by genre. Event organizers don't have to scour the internet or walk the streets trying to find the right venue for their clients, including local artists and musicians. Information all in one place and everyone gets paid what they're worth!

  • MyFashionPal - a virtual personal shopper, anywhere, any time. A mobile app, where wardrobe matching magic happens. Trying to find the perfect outfit has never been easier.

  • Maple Haus - Event organizing and venue booking made easy. Ever heard of the pop-up shop? The sentiment is the same. This platform will make use of great spaces during closing hours, optimizing access to venues for those looking for something perfect within the community for their events.

  • Crowdbooks - is an online archiving of special memories. It’s more than just a photo book, personalized sentiments are captured and online access given to everyone who wants it. No more shoeboxes full of cards and photos shoved in the back of your closet.

  • BluePipe - an inventory integration service that reduces the amount of unused, therefore wasted, heavy machinery and equipment. A platform to connect buyers to sellers and save money spent on repurchasing brand new equipment while perfectly good equipment sits idle.

  • Paction - is a seamless platform for habit building based on accountability with a stranger. Who needs an accountability partner? YOU DO!

  • SnowPal - is the first automated snow clearing solution. This is Canada! Shoveling your walks is an exhausting, never-ending and sometimes dangerous task. Shovel your walks from the comfort of your couch? Yes, please!

  • Condoclear -  will create the ability for better communications between condo owners and condo boards. They want to build an infrastructure that bolsters condo living by having tenants self manage their boards.

    After deliberating, the judges decided the top three winners of the weekend. All prizes fof these teams are donated by our local sponsors, including free full-access passes to Startupfest and a membership to WorkNicer:

  • 1st place: SnowPal

  • 2nd place: maple haus

  • 3rd place: BluePipe

  • Honourable mention: WiiCare

Thank you to all of our local sponsors, speakers, judges and community coaches who made this event possible!

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“It was the biggest blessing to be on the other side of the table for once! People are so brave to try something like this,” says Carlee Panylyk, Team PopFresh and director of client services at Deloitte. “All the nerves are worth it in dividends! I learned more in the last 24 hours than in all my years of coaching entrepreneurs.”

If you want to check out Startup Weekend photos, you can view them Facebook here.

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