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Figuring Sh*t Out

  • Nucleus Calgary 100 6 Avenue Southwest Calgary, AB, T2G 2C4 Canada (map)

Hosted by EvolveU

Faster. More uncertain. More challenging. The demand on learning has never been higher and the ability to rapidly figure things out is the foundation of success in building solutions to meet challenges and opportunities.

There is more sh*t to figure out every day. In a world of multiple fire hose streams of information and data, the old method of treating learning as a bucket-filling exercise is clearly at an end (if it ever was a good idea). This places new pressures on us to identify, analyze, synergies vand take action on problems and opportunities we understand less and less. And we have to do it fast. The opportunity to tackle this wave successfully lies in building the competencies that most organizations say are lacking - chiefly the ability to problem solve quickly through disciplined critical and creative thinking. This EvolveU experience is an introduction to the full scope of critical thinking to enhance lifelong learning and decision making competence (Questions like: When do we understand something enough to act? How can we tell? Can we keep a decision open?). We use relevant real world projects that the participants can bring from their own lives. You will build and demonstrate basic competence in the ability to use a reliable method of critical thinking (and its relationship with creative thinking) that can be applied again and again in a wide variety of circumstances. You will no longer fear the fire hose.

Participants will build and demonstrate basic competence in reliable methods of critical thinking and how to apply these practices in scenarios at work and at home. Through active class engagement, students will embrace creative thinking skills and witness the powerful outcomes.

One-on-one coaching sessions will be offered throughout the course to assist participants with learning and the application of the principles to projects in their own lives.

This 6- week course is facilitated by Greg Hart of InceptionU:

Later Event: February 21
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